BrachyFoam Personnel


Tim Showalter, MD, MPH

President & Founder

Tim is a clinical radiation oncologist who specializes in brachytherapy. He is passionate about developing brachytherapy tools to improve patient care. He is the overall PI of the Phase I and II STTR awards from the NCI that supports development of the team’s hydrogel method for vaginal packing during brachytherapy.

MWieczorek 2015

Michelle Wieczorek

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle brings experience in grants administration and project management to the team. She is committed to ensuring the highest level of corporate compliance and stewardship of resources.


Amy Fansler, MPH

Project Management

Amy has a track record of managing large grant-funded projects and multi-center clinical trials.

Tyler Watkins, PhD

Scientific Analyst

Tyler’s skills and training in physics and engineering enhance the team’s ability to execute on technical aspects of product testing.


Jeff Showalter, JD, MBA